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About Us

Every child deserves the chance to have a rich and fulfilling future full of choice and excitement. Often, anxieties make even the most simple things difficult. From not attending school, to not being able to leave the house: all result in a situation where children feel they cannot cope and function. They are overwhelmed and ,despite help and support, feel that they cannot move forwards. School, college and a career becomes a distant, impossible dream for  both parent and child, and the focus of each day is to just 'get through it'. For a parent it's devastating to watch your child, who should be smiling, under the bedcovers shaking.


This is reality.


If you are reading this and it resonates, we can help.  


Fast Progress Tuition (FPT) is a specialist unregistered Alternative Provision for children who suffer from Emotionally-Based School Absence (EBSA).  We build confidence, self-esteem and resilience in a controlled educational setting meaning that secondary complications of EBSA are prevented: education is not compromised and our students are able to take huge steps forward in both social and academic environments. 

Every child who attends FPT has a different academic pathway and social goals, all of which are developed in parallel with each other, resulting in a child who is active, confident and feels like they can achieve in different environments.


FPT are on the Alternative Provision Directory for both Essex County Council and Southend Council. 


Academic Pathways

- Reintegration into school

- Interim placement 

- Securing a college place

- Functional Skills/GCSEs

-Employability Qualifications


-Academic Mentoring

Social Goals

-Leadership Skills

-Peer relationship building skills

-Travel Training

-Self-worth development 

- Resilience building

-Calculated risk taking

-Stress Management 

-Social Mentoring

SEND Needs

Many of our children have additional needs which adds to their inability to cope in school. We are able to work with children who have EHCPs and ensure that individualised pathways and programmes are in place. Our teaching and mentoring is build around need and teaches coping strategies so our children feel they can integrate with their peers and eventually tackle environments outside of FPT. 

Our premises is designed be SEND friendly. Extra need is normalised, which aids anxieties and the development of  coping strategies. We have resident Therapy Dog 'Tilly' who is registered with Canine Concern and attends twice a week. Our other Therapy Dogs in training are Lucy, Mollie and now Darcy who attend once a week. 

SEND catered for





- Sensory Processing Disorder



-Behaviour Disorder

-Emotional Regulation Difficulties

- Dyscalculia



A child's suitability for FPT is assessed on a case by case basis. If a child requires gradual integration into the FPT community, we can offer a gradual build up of sessions.  

Teaching and Learning

Even though we are not a school, maintaining a high standard of teaching and expertise is important to us. All of our  staff have recognised teaching qualifications and use their academic expertise and training in EBSA to guide students into achieving results. Staff undergo regular training and development as we always strive to improve current practise. 


All staff have enhanced DBS check and  undertake regular Safeguarding training of a Level 3 standard. As we do not offer full-time placements, it is not necessary for us to register with Ofsted, however we are registered voluntarily as Safeguarding is our first priority. 



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