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Fast Progress Tuition are proud of the supportive team we have created. It is important to us that we model inclusive behaviour to our students, so we ensure that every member of staff is valued and treated as an individual and that students are able to witness secure, friendly relationships in the workplace.


We cater for a specific cohort of children. Our centre is for anxious children, so you would expect to spend time with students who struggle to communicate, cannot hold eye contact and students who are extremely shy. We help those children who did not make it into your classroom because they were fearful of walking through the school gates. 


You can help to: 

-build confidence so students can hold conversations

- develop student self-esteem so they feel their opinions are valued

- develop student's pride in their academic work, leading to a desire to return to school or move onto college

- develop a sense of belonging in a classroom

-enabling students to see that they have a bright future ahead of them

We encourage creativity in the workplace, so no idea is a bad idea if it gets our students engaged and smiling. 

Safeguarding is at the core of our practise, so all members of staff need to be aware of and be willing to constantly develop their knowledge. 


 If you are interested in Teaching, Mentoring or Admin positions: please hover over the 'work with us' tab or click the + sign. 




Volunteer Positions

We welcome contact from anyone who wants to make a difference to our young people and their development. 

Please complete the application form below (all appointments subject to DBS checks)

Placements Also considered:

College Work-Experience

Trainee Teachers









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