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Reintegration Service


We support schools fully, but unfortunately some children do not engage in mainstream school due to fear of school and education. Whether or not adults understand these fears, it is agreed that not attending school has a huge impact on a child's social and academic development. Often, children who suffer from  EBSA find themselves placed on part-time timetables, which often includes 1-1 support.  Unfortunately, despite attempts by schools, this is  sometimes not enough to support  them back to receiving a full-time education. 

We are the 'in-between' for the student who can cope with 1-1 tuition, but cannot cope in larger settings. It is important that the two strands of reintegration (social and academic) are developed in parallel, so skills can transfer across to a larger setting. 


For Schools

We offer a complete reintegration package for schools who need support for their students, consisting of:

-Academic teaching at our site in line with the curriculum by specialist teachers

-Attendance tracking and communication

-Attendance interventions

-Parent mentoring

-Intensive child mentoring

- Regular Pathway meetings, reviews and reports

-Keyworkers to transition students back to school

-Transparency with costs

-School-led processes 

-Progress Tracking 

*Please note that children on school-role do not integrate with Electively Home-Educated children as they are on a different timetable.

Please click the link for a full breakdown.  






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